Restoration & Repair Services

Water Damage

When a roof fails, dishwasher overflows, or sewer backs up, Atlas Restoration Specialists Fenton makes the difference between a problem and a disaster. We’ll respond quickly to save your personal property, flooring, and other building components.

Atlas’ water damage technicians are trained in psychrometry – the science of drying buildings and other materials. We’ll use that expertise to minimize water damage and eliminate the health concerns that can result from improperly handled spills. This includes:

  • Removal of water or sewage
  • Application of anti-microbial disinfectants
  • Professional drying with industrial-grade air movers (fans) and dehumidifiers
  • Strict monitoring and instrumentation

When we’re finished, your property will be properly dried and completely restored – and the process fully documented for you and your insurance company.

Fenton's Full-Service Water Damage Restoration Contractor

With one call, an Atlas project manager will be at your service – with his expert team of cleaning, restoration, rebuilding, and repair technicians. We’ll arrive quickly at the site to minimize damage – as well as costs and repair time.