Our Secret Weapon

When you work with Atlas Restoration Specialists, your project manager will shoulder the burden of your restoration project – managing every detail – from start to finish.

Atlas project managers are experienced in all aspects of cleaning, restoration, and building repairs. Each supervises his own team of highly trained cleaning technicians and construction tradesmen. These are full time Atlas employees – not subcontractors – so we’re able to guarantee the quality of our work.

Your Atlas project manager is also completely versed in the complex business of insurance claims and will simplify the process, preparing a complete package of documentation for you and your insurance company. We won’t wait for your insurance company to make payment. Your project manager will immediately put his team to work – at no financial risk to you.

Most importantly, your Atlas project manager will be your advocate when dealing with the insurance company. We work for you – and your project manager will ensure that your interests are safeguarded during the entire restoration project.

St. Louis’ Full-Service Restoration Contractor

With one call, an Atlas project manager will be at your service – with his expert team of cleaning, restoration, rebuilding, and repair technicians. We’ll arrive quickly at the site to minimize damage – as well as costs and repair time.