Our Facility

The average office and warehouse just would not fulfill the needs of a full service restoration contractor like Atlas Restoration Specialists. So we designed and built our own facility, located in a well-lit industrial park in South St. Louis County, which incorporates the latest contents restoration and storage.

We have a separate, secured area in which to process and store your personal belongings during the restoration process. As each item enters the facility, it is catalogued, analyzed, and then subjected to multi-step cleaning and deodorization. Upon completion, your property is safely stored in sealed vaults – until it is time to return them to your restored home or business.

Our two-level office is fairly typical – with one exception. Hanging from the ceiling are souvenirs collected from years of restoration projects: A piece of steel twisted by the heat of a fire. A tree branch that crushed a house. A water pipe that froze and split, causing $100,000’s worth of damage – and many more. Each has a fascinating story – always with a happy, fully restored ending. Stop by and we’ll tell you a few.

Atlas Restoration Specialists Inc. Office

St. Louis’ Full-Service Restoration Contractor

With one call, an Atlas project manager will be at your service – with his expert team of cleaning, restoration, rebuilding, and repair technicians. We’ll arrive quickly at the site to minimize damage – as well as costs and repair time.