Frequently Asked Questions

When your property has been damaged, you will be besieged by companies and individuals offering their services. Sifting through information and credentials at this time can be difficult. Atlas Restoration Specialists offers these guidelines:

    • National Franchises
      Most companies that provide restoration services are franchises of national organizations – often specializing in janitorial services or carpet cleaning. Usually, they’ll provide cleaning services, leaving you to hire multiple companies to complete your project. If they do handle repairs, it’s usually through subcontractors, which may not result in high quality work.
    • Public Adjusters
      For a fixed percentage of your insurance claim, public adjusters will negotiate the settlement with your insurance company. Unfortunately, their fee often exceeds the benefit. It may also delay settlement of your claim and lengthen the time you are out of your home.
    • Independently Owned Firms
      Local firms, like Atlas Restoration Specialists offer personalized service, but vary widely in ability, staff and expertise. Carefully evaluate credentials, references. and methods of operation. You’ll find the most qualified professionals through:
      Restoration Industry Association
      Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification

Yes, but it requires employing a multi-step deodorizing process before beginning reconstruction. You need to beware. Many restoration contractors are “cover-up specialists” that just seal or paint over affected areas. If the contractor cannot give you specific information, move on.

Occasionally they may refer a contractor to you, but the final choice is yours. Remember, your insurance company will not supervise the work to repair your property. Select a contractor you can trust.

Most insurance settlements will enable you to return your property to its “pre-existing condition.” There will be talk of “actual cash value” and “recoverable depreciation” – all complicated subjects. Your Atlas Restoration Specialists project manager will evaluate your specific situation, and help you understand the entire process, as well as what your home will look like when it’s complete.

No. Each firm will offer different levels of service and have different degrees of experience. Choose the company that offers the best quality service for the best value. You’re entrusting the care and future of your home to this restoration specialist. You need to be comfortable with your choice.

If you choose an experienced restoration contractor, you won’t need multiple estimates. Qualified contractors use computerized estimating programs that document the costs of all services in a way that will satisfy your insurance company.

Membership in the Restoration Industry Association (RIA) is essential. This international, non-profit association ensures that restoration contractors maintain a strict code of ethics, receive on-going technical training, and are up to date on the latest scientific advances in the restoration industry.

The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) serves as the cleaning and restoration industry guardian. This non-profit organization helps ensure that property owners have access to trained professionals and firms that are certified in their areas of expertise. It also enforces a strict code of ethics for certified companies.

The sooner, the better. Once damage has occurred, things may begin to deteriorate within hours – due to the chemical reactions that have occurred. The damage to your property and its contents will become more serious every day. Select a restoration contractor quickly, but be sure to select a firm that makes you feel completely comfortable.

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With one call, an Atlas project manager will be at your service – with his expert team of cleaning, restoration, rebuilding, and repair technicians. We’ll arrive quickly at the site to minimize damage – as well as costs and repair time.