Restoration & Repair Services

Fire and Smoke

When you’ve had fire or smoke damage, it’s important to move quickly. Acidic combustion residues will continue to deteriorate your property even after the fire is out. With Atlas Restoration Specialists Fenton, our first step is to preserve as much of your personal property as possible. We’ll catalogue, clean, and deodorize your valuables – and store them in sealed vaults – until your restoration is complete.

Then our restoration team will address your cleaning, repair, and reconstruction needs. Unlike other restoration contractors – “cover-up specialists” who remove damaged items and then paint over affected areas – Atlas employs a multi-step cleaning and deodorizing process before beginning reconstruction:

  • Multiple methods of waterless cleaning destroy odor generating bacteria and micro-organisms
  • Ozone generation and thermal fogging send deodorizing compounds into cracks and crevices you can’t see
  • Two separate sealing procedures, as needed

Your Atlas project manager will explain, in detail, the steps needed to restore your home or business – whether it’s a small half-day project or total reconstruction of a collapsed structure.

Fenton's Full-Service Restoration Contractor

With one call, an Atlas project manager will be at your service – with his expert team of cleaning, restoration, rebuilding, and repair technicians. We’ll arrive quickly at the site to minimize damage – as well as costs and repair time.